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Virtually Trendy

It appears we are not alone. The “trend” toward virtual research organizations is actually gaining respect from adherents to the old entrenched model. The virtual research organization is becoming more and more popular as the recognition grows that quality science can be obtained quicker and cheaper without the significant overhead of a brick-and-mortar facility. This is especially true now that Cloud Computing is so ubiquitous and integrated into common Internet experience. Larger organizations are happy to let smaller ones like us take on and remove early risk and sometimes pay less for a more sure bet on FDA registration at the end. SciOpen Research Group is proud to be part of the new wave of innovation in medical research.

We take it a step further in being a nonprofit.

We don’t want to play intellectual property games, don’t want to support research paywalls, and only want to advance treatment options for ALS. We accomplish that by not being afraid to take risks on early development of new molecules or biologics and passing them up to larger development organizations while reporting our results back to the public.

You can help either by direct donations (Bitcoin accepted too!) or by shopping on Amazon Smile and choosing us as your charity of choice. Google employees can find us on their charity portal and any donations will be corporate-matched!