We Are Even Better Than Harvard


News is going around that Harvard researchers have identified “the spark plug that ignites ALS.” This is really interesting news, but we at SciOpen Research Group are already going beyond this. We are right now doing a proof of concept study which aims to stop the process investigated by the Harvard team.

Stop it dead in its tracks.

That means if we (and Harvard) are right, we can end ALS as soon as a person is diagnosed. Admittedly, that’s a big if. But it’s a real possibility. And we can only carry on with YOUR help. We are small but we are nimble and we are aggressive. Join us by making a tax-deductible donation and/or shopping online at smile.amazon.com and naming SciOpen Research Group as your charity.

We at SRG thank all of you for your support!

2 thoughts on “We Are Even Better Than Harvard”

    1. Not for our latest project. It took about an extra 3 months to get the custom-bred mice all set but now we are having little frankemeese for the actual experiment. We expect to have results by the end of the year, ready for release after the new year. Wish we could hurry it but proper science takes its own time. It’s like baking a souffle – try to rush and all you get is a burnt flat biscuit your dog wouldn’t even eat.For private contact, use the form on the Contact page and one of us will respond quickly.

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