Mission: Petition

Recently there has been excitement in the global ALS Community surrounding a press release from a company called Genervon. Following that, a petition to the FDA was launched in support of Genervon’s intention to seek Accelerated Approval. While the data presented so far isn’t quite conclusive for immediate full approval, it is nonetheless intriguing.

Clearly the current status quo in research and development of ALS therapies is insufficient. That’s why SciOpen Research Group was founded. SRG supports the grassroots efforts of patients to change that paradigm. The Accelerated Approval Program requires data capture just like a regular trial except that it would be open to all PALS. Set up with a strict dosing and data collection protocol, this is a perfect compromise between patients wishing to try experimental drugs and the need for scientific information.

Therefore, SciOpen Research Group supports this petition and urges readers to sign and widely share it.

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