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Bigger Board

SciOpen Research Group is pleased to announce a new addition to our Board of Directors, Mike Shannon!

Mike Shannon

Mike is a member of the ALS community as a development consultant, ambassador, and advocate for PALS. He provides support and perspective in the area of drug development, patient care issues, and advocacy to many ALS organizations. He is also personally actively involved with individual PALS on specific projects. For 7 years, Mike served as Western Regional Director for the ALS Therapy Development Institute. With 10 years of experience in the ALS community, he has a fluent understanding of the challenges in biomedical research, the obstacles to rapid drug development, and the critical desires and needs of PALS. Mike resides in Spokane, Washington and also works for Team Gleason and Answer ALS in the Northwest.

SRG is very happy to add Mike to our team where he will be an invigorating member moving forward. His passion and experience are valuable assets. Please leave a comment and welcome him!

We Are Even Better Than Harvard


News is going around that Harvard researchers have identified “the spark plug that ignites ALS.” This is really interesting news, but we at SciOpen Research Group are already going beyond this. We are right now doing a proof of concept study which aims to stop the process investigated by the Harvard team.

Stop it dead in its tracks.

That means if we (and Harvard) are right, we can end ALS as soon as a person is diagnosed. Admittedly, that’s a big if. But it’s a real possibility. And we can only carry on with YOUR help. We are small but we are nimble and we are aggressive. Join us by making a tax-deductible donation and/or shopping online at smile.amazon.com and naming SciOpen Research Group as your charity.

We at SRG thank all of you for your support!

Necroptosis News

Good News For Our Latest Project!

A recent report published in Science magazine strongly suggests that SciOpen Research Group is onto something with its currently ongoing study of necroptosis in ALS. Necroptosis is a “cousin” of apoptosis. In contrast to apoptosis, which happens regularly in the body, necroptosis is a form of programmed cell death which happens under inflammatory conditions and in which the components of the dead cell spill into the extracellular space. The spilling of the cellular components trigger a response in which immune cells are recruited to the area. Necroptosis is known to be a driver of both genetic ALS and sporadic ALS.

The subject study is not a direct support, in that it was looking at how the optineurin protein contributes to ALS. However, the results showed significant increase of the MLKL protein in human patients and that elimination of the RIPK3 protein or inhibition of RIPK1 had modest but nevertheless positive effects on survival of the SOD1 mice (along with positive biological evidence). This suggests that SRG is on the right track with its MLKL study. We believe that acting on MLKL will have a stronger effect without disrupting other cellular functions which depend on RIPK3 and/or RIPK31 (MLKL is involved only in necroptosis).

This study is YOUR study. It would not be position without your support. SciOpen Research Group is the world’s first fully functional “guerilla biotech”. We function only with your support and study pathways other research organizations either miss or ignore. And we can do it for much less because we are purely volunteer and have no overhead. 100% of your donations go directly to research. To support us you can make a tax-deductible donation (USA residents only) by going to our Donations page, purchase some SRG Gear, and/or go shopping on Amazon Smile and name SciOpen Research Group as your charity of choice (we are a registered and approved nonprofit under IRS 501c3). We work on ALS for you, the ALS Community, because we are part of the ALS Community. Help us continue our novel research into eradicating ALS.