PALS, Citizen Scientists, Doctors, Industry Professionals Working Together

We are a team of Persons(s) with ALS (PALS), citizen scientists, doctors, and pharmaceutical industry professionals who are frustrated by the limitations of the current drug development process aimed at treating ALS. We seek out interesting new molecules or repurposed drugs to test in various models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Bridging the “Valley of Death”


The “Valley of Death” is the divide between basic research done in [usually academic] laboratory tables (the “Bench”) and the clinic where humans can get access to and benefit from drugs and/or treatments which alleviate suffering due to disease (the “Bedside”). The Valley is the area which pharmaceutical companies see as unprofitable. It is where the hard work is done to figure out how the drug works. These factors include toxicity, appropriate dosing, appropriate delivery, and method(s) of action. It requires spending money on something which might turn out to not work and thus represents a risk to profits.

SciOpen Research Group is a nonprofit organization, so we aren’t concerned with making money. We just want scientific answers to the question, “Can this help people?”

Because research in the Valley of Death can be expensive we created the “Guerrilla Biotech” model. This allows us to keep costs low and to put the maximum percentage of funds toward research.

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